Equipment Safety

Machinery Monitoring

The close monitoring of all your buildings equipment is of the most importance. People take for granted the machines that they use everyday whether it be in an office or even on a construction site. Everyone feels that they are safe and working up to code, until something goes wrong. Most large companies have routine safety check lists which must be completed and signed off on. The sad thing is many of these procedures are done half-halfheartedly just to get it out of the way. That leaves everyone in the structure vulnerable to a wide number of safety problems. It only takes a few minutes to go over the manufacturers spec sheet and verify that all of the components or working properly. Many companies assign one specific person for this task, and budget the time and they’re weak for them to be completed properly. Let’s look at some of these potential issues and see how they could impact well being of your workflow and space. Now, this article has little to do with wineries, but every business runs offices and storage spaces, so information about equipment safety is always important.

machine inspection

One common machine mini large offices have is a laser printer. These are usually maintained by Xerox or Canon, so the people that use them don’t pay much attention to the status of the machine. Laser Printers can run it almost 300 degrees and have been known to catch on fire when there is excess paper left jammed in side. The main component that creates all of the heat is called a fuser. If a piece of paper gets stuck in the corner of this component under the right conditions could cause a fire. Most people make their copies and just walk away without making sure everything is okay before they leave. Most machines have heavy-duty cording which can become worn and leave wires exposed over a long period of time. Just one spark from exposed wiring could cause a serious fire as well as electrocute anyone who bumps up against it. It is crucial that every office building we’re working structure has proper lockout tagout equipment. These are tools that will secure a faulty machine and warn anyone against using it until it is repaired. The cord is put inside a heavy Fireproof bag and then locked shut.

printer troubleshooting

Therefore making it impossible to plug in and try to use. These bags are usually bright red or orange and have warning labels all over them. They should also have a tag that is signed by the person who placed it along with the information on why it is out of service. In our busy everyday lives we don’t think about things like this until something happens and someone gets hurt. So what is always best to make sure all your buildings equipment is up to code and is checked once a month.