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Brief History of Wine Making

Brief History of Wine Making

Ancient History

The consumption of wine dates back thousands of years, with an archaeological dig uncovering a winery in Armenia from around 4000 B.C! Of course, wine is also consumed religiously, especially as part of the Eucharist in memory of The Last Supper. The Greeks also celebrated wine production in the form of the god Dionysus. The concept of fermentation and preservation existed back then, and pine resin was used to protect and prolong the life of wine. This is now known as “retsina”, and is still commercially produced in Greece.

Mediaeval Times

Wine production flourished in Lebanon during medieval times, as it did in Southern European regions, especially France. As it was so commonplace, it was a drink enjoyed by people of all classes. However, the weather in the North, as today, was not as conducive to winemaking. Back then though, transport was infinitely less-developed, meaning that wine was only drunk by the upper classes in the North of Europe. However, it was also the first time that wine could be produced in England, as water treatment had developed to the point where the water was drinkable. Monks It was during this time that a large amount of wine production was taken on by Benedictine and Cistercian monks. Monks acquired a lot of fertile land and produced food and drink not only to be sustainable, but also to attract more monks to their land and to be able to offer exceptional hospitality. Mead production was also far more widespread, as it just involved adding honey to the wine.  Here is a look at wine in medieval times and what it tasted like.

The Game Changes

As transport links were established in the 18th and 19th centuries, wine regions in France in particular were able to export their wines to Spain, Portugal and the UK as well as further afield. Wineries were privatised, and a range of laws relating to production, usage of regional names and grape quality certification were established, turning wine production in to big business. Across the Atlantic, the California Gold Rush brought huge economic growth to the United States, but also vines from around the world – most notably the Croatian Zinfandel grape. In South America, the Spanish conquistadors brought winemaking with them, and the weather and soil proved to be exceptional for wine production.

Modern Times

Nowadays, vines have been transported all over the world, largely meaning that the origin of a grape is unimportant. Malbec, a grape from France, is probably most famous in Argentina. The aforementioned Zinfandel is associated with California, and the Syrah grape, also known as Shiraz, is associated with South Africa and Australia amongst other countries. Wine is imported and exported all over the world, but the majority still comes from France, where the monks first settled. Wine production is currently worth an estimated 12 billion Euros a year to France!

Wine Tours

Take a Fall Wine Tour in Napa Valley

Take a Fall Wine Tour in Napa Valley

Oenophile,  are you? If you nod a yes then Napa Valley is your place. Take a tour to Napa wineries this vacation and experience nature at its best. Here you can experience beautiful lush green wineries with the array of colours. So drive along the road side of Napa valley and relax your muscles with this natural therapy with the aroma of fresh grapes.

Napa Valley is a paradise for every wine lover and once you visit this heaven on earth there will be no better place for vacation as every now and then you will crave that aroma of freshly blended grapes served in a glass for you. Moreover if you want to experience that elegant feel of siting beside a window holding a wine glass in a antique looking interior then Napa Valley has a surprise for you.

Here they provide a train service which was established in the late 80s specially for the wine lovers so they can get you a tour around the Napa Valley and taste one of the finest wines that the valley serves. And if you feel that this is old school then there car rental options available here at the valley so you can also drive along the road side and experience the wineries

A best vacation is a planned vacation so I have listed few wineries below

1. V. Sautti winery : you do not need a appointment to visit this most beautiful and certainly the most visited winery. It is open 7 days of a week . Summer timings here are 9a.m-6p.m and winter timings are 9a.m-5p.m.

2 Darioush winery : owned by Iranian immigrant to U.S this Winery serves some of the great wines with best snacks along with a very friendly staff.

3. Castillo di Amorosa : it is 13th century tuscan castle so if you want to experience what it felt like to be a blue blood and sit into those big castles and taste some expensive looking wine then Castello di amorosa is the best place. Visit this place and feel the essence of being a lord.

4. Inglenook winery : another beautiful winery in Napa valley owned by a family. Here you can experience that family bond to save yourself some good moral values and of course some good wine too.

5. Domaine Carneros : as you drive along the Napa valley this the another beautiful Winery that you will come across.
To make your weekend more exciting I have listed some good wines below

  1. Opus one
  2. Rubicon
  3. Dominus

So this weekend hop into a car along with your gang and experience what nature has in store for you in the Napa Valley