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Weather and Vineyard Construction

The changing weather patterns in our world, is causing construction companies to reevaluate how they build. Before, the need to have buildings that could withstand 100 + mile per hour winds was isolated to Southern Coastal locations. Even then, the number of storms with that magnitude were few and far between. Now, each hurricane season brings more and more storms that not only threatened the southern Atlantic region, but are also heading up the golf and to Louisiana and Texas. Whereas before construction companies would just recommend insurance for homeowners to Rally against such situations, now it is important for them to take on the burden of circumstances themselves. Vineyards are more prone to damage because of the fragile nature of the the grapevines.

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New construction needs to take in effect the change in the climate and the growing magnitude of each season’s storms. Insurance companies are also looking at these factors as well when deciding on offering coverage to a new or existing buildings and crop land. Especially with a new construction project, they want to make sure that every measure was taken to provide the safest structure possible before they will offer their services. They are taking on a Financial Risk and are not as likely to be a partner to such collaborations if the building’s Foundation is not sound. Because then it just becomes a matter of time before some devastation hits. All parties involved ; the owners, the construction company, and the insurance companies want to make sure they all safety measures have been put in place. Climate change comes in many forms. There is of course the Hurricanes that come out of the Atlantic and the Gulf that are looked at the most. But extreme winters can also destroy a vineyards yield.

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They bring wind damage and flooding that are the primary worry of the residents there. But the Midwest is also facing similar struggles. The number of tornadoes has risen sharply and the past decade. Tornadoes are fast and furious and can do untold amounts of damage in a very short period of time. With the frequency of these events increasing Builders want to make sure that they craftsmanship going into their structures is of the utmost quality. The days of rolling the dice with the weather are over, and the need for safety needs to be at the top of everyone’s list.